His Name Is Stan And He's A Bad Motherf​*​*​ker

by Crocodile

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    Crocodile is Prog. With teeth. They make progressive yet accessible music that is vibrant and creative, in an effort to recapture the inventive charm inspired by the original pioneers of the genre. This is their debut album released in February 2018.

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Crocodile is an Austin TX based progressive rock band formed (in the classic style of Gentle Giant, Genesis, Jethro Tull and ELP) to perform and record an album called “His Name Is Stan And He’s A Bad Motherfucker”. Here’s a short explanation:

I started working for Stan when I was about 17. We did remodel/construction type work of all sorts but always of a fine quality. I usually hated it. Loathed it even. Sometimes I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Stan was what I called at the time a workaholic. He was driven and obsessive. Serious about things like quality and deadlines. He was the type that must work to survive. Just to keep from drowning. In himself…

I, on the other hand, was not interested in such mundane notions as hard work, responsibilities or accomplishments of these sort at all. I was anxious and odd. A man-child hyper-aware and uncomfortable. Especially under the watching eye of a perfectionist such as Stan. Just always ready for this excruciating workday to be finally over.

I did this work with Stan (off and on) for about 15 years. It’s been another 15 since then. We haven’t spoke in that time. He doesn’t know I’ve written an album about him yet. You see, Stan and I weren’t really close. Which I guess makes this all a comedy.

1. (pre) Dawn Of Stan – Introduces Stan, focused and preparing in his well lit shop in the predawn hours.

2. I Was A Worker – Introduces the storyteller: the worker and all his frustrations.

3. Sawhorse – An instrumental showcasing fine craftsmanship. Like Stan and I used to do.

4. Stan – His name is Stan and he’s a bad motherfucker…

5. Lunchtime – an introspective interlude.

6. Stir The Stain (fuck The Door) – Onced I dropped, from atop a 4 foot step ladder, an open gallon of dark brown stain in the living room of a beautiful, A-framed house. It was the only time I heard Stan curse. “fuck the door!”

7. I Am Stan – Our dramatic conclusion. Now, 25 years later, I am Stan…


released February 10, 2018

Greg Seale -drums
Kevin Sims - guitar and vocals
Phil Spann - keyboards
Ted Thomas - bass


all rights reserved



Crocodile Austin, Texas

Crocodile is a progressive band from Austin TX playing some adventurous Rock and Roll. Their music is not easily categorized.  Imagine mixing the counterpoint of Gentle Giant with the groove of Steely Dan. The bombast of Rush with the ear-worm melodies of ELO. The grandiloquence of Yes with the melancholy of The Smiths.  These unlikely contrasts may seem strange, but it’s working for us. ... more

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Track Name: (pre) Dawn Of Stan
(pre) Dawn Of Stan

Before the dawn there are certain creatures of the night
Hidden out of sight. Nocturnal ones
Black cat, hungry rat, mongrel, predawn
There’s one more watched by the owl
Shop light burn bright

Stan: I got my eye one the clock
I hear every tick. Every tock
Gather the tools that I’ll need
Stan is my name and perfection I bleed.

(pre) Dawn of Stan. Gather, think, prepare while you still can
The sunlight creeps your way
Hammer speak truth!
Drivers, saws and pliers, drops unfurled
With these you’ll save the world. Stan save the world!

Stan: Tools in my belt and my hand
Rules which I do understand
Gather the cords that I need
Bound to the work and I’m freed.

Cat, dog, rat predawn
There’s one more watched by the owl
Shoplight burn bright…
Track Name: I Was A Worker
I Was A Worker

Hem haw, still dark, no sleep, honk honk, here he is already
Hurry up, boy. I was a worker.

Truck running (just in case), diesel fumes in my face
Stir the stain, safety first, succumb to fumes. I was a worker

Wipe it down, sweep it up, this walls got to go
Lower back pain, E for effort, bitch. I was a worker

Over my shoulder a silver gaze as cold as the moon

Stan: Sure do need you to work… Forever

It’s getting late. Stan has a plan. Just 4 fingers on his hand
Fiberglass up in the attic. I was a worker

Lunchtime. Blood on the painter’s whites
Stan saw something in me. Said he could come and get me
He’s coming to get me.

Ever-sweep, one thing that never ends is this day
My back bends as Stanley grins. I was a worker

I really don’t want to be here anymore. Help me, Lord.

Stan: Sure do need you to work… Forever
Track Name: Sawhorse
Track Name: Stan

His name is Stan and he’s a bad motherfucker
Hammerin’ nails
But now and then he makes you feel like such a sucker
Aye, Roger Dale?

Turning the screws he’ll work through the night
He’ll make everything alright
Tools to the left and God on the right
He’ll try with all his might

He says “gather the truest boards
And roll up the orange cord
This time that I cant afford.”

One time he told me “ you can wake up in the morning
Smoke your joint. It’s ok.
But every now and then it gets you without warning.”
Well, what could I say? Huh?

Flourescent lights in the dark of the night
Make everything, alright.
Spreading the glue he’ll die for the fight
Depth by width by height

He said “go make it fight tight and careful the saw bites”
Did that turn your hair white?

He said “go make it fit right and careful the saw bites”
Did that turned your hair white?
He said “gather the truest boards and roll up the orange cords”
Please wont you help me, Lord?
Track Name: Interlude (lunchtime)
Track Name: Stir The Stain (fuck the door)
Stir The Stain (fuck the door)

High on a hill with the dark water crashing on stones down below
A Frame, made of glass with a view of the water
Dear sunset behold

The work was fine. A glowing on the inside
Almost there! I feel I’ve done my time
The never-ending standard help up, oh so very high for me

Stan: “gather things, sweep the floor”
Brushes cleaned, rolled the cords

O what a beautiful place as we worked face to face
Side by side
Long are the days when it’s Stan who’s steering the ride

Oh so good, the symmetry of Oaken wood
Near the end. I feel I’ve done my time
This never-ending standard held up, oh so very high for me

Heart of stone I eat the pain
Stan: “grab your brush. Stir the stain.”

Time had stopped as I watched the can drop
Cast it’s shade. Tragic bloom
Unholy brown stain the room
Frantically we faced the horror
Stanley said “fuck the door!”
Track Name: I Am Stan
I Am Stan

And when it’s Spring no more. And when we face the score
Stan always knew and now so do you
Wake from the strangest dream with everything due it seems
Time that had passed so slowly. Now fast

And as brightly as the shop light would burn
It’s never enough to fool the sun
Rising, setting, on and on and on
Years pass strange… Like deadlines

And when the back is sore. And when the mind is numb
When all is done then the sleep will come
I, myself, wake from the strangest dream
With so much to do it seems
Into the past, oh so very fast

And as tightly as he tried to squeeze the clock
Not even Stan could make it stop
Lifeless, laughing, it slowly ticks away
Years pass strange… Now yesterday

Time refused to bend. Bills are due again
Dreams fly into the wind. Nerves stretched so very thin
I can’t sit still anymore. I’ll fix that board in the floor
Time sneaks under the door. I must replace the threshold!
I make a list to check on my work
I make a list to check on my plan
I make a list to check on my goals
Another list and then again
Can’t sit still anymore, floating out from the shore
I’ll perfect upon the view! All of this and more Stan knew

And as brightly as the shop light may burn
There’s nerves and fear and pain and life is hard
The same life that gave unto me this well-earned tan
The years passed. I know now I Am Stan…

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